Custom Home Construction

Our mission is simple:

To provide unique, quality designs and contemporary homes tailored to the specific requirements of the valued customer, who will receive personal attention throughout the development of their home to provide quality and satisfaction throughout.

Our goal is to bring you a standard of quality and excellent workmanship above the norm, at a price lower than the market average.

What can we do for you?

Perhaps the better question is, what can’t we do for you? We’ve been in business for over 25 years on the Outer Banks, and in that time the name Lane Custom Builders has come to epitomize quality construction. We are capable of building anything from a basic beach home to a palatial summer house and anything in between.

A Brief List of the Services We’re Known For:

  • Personal Attention– Bill and Kim are both actively involved in the construction of each and every home.
  • Constant Communication– You’ll be kept informed of the progress of your house on a regular basis even if you don’t live locally.
  • Careful Budgeting– We are careful to prevent unexpected charges from coming up at the end of construction.
  • Rental Analysis– Available on request, to help maximize rental potential.
  • More Than Construction– Our relationship with other related professions means we can help with other areas such as landscaping and interior design.
  • Above Code Plus Standards– Premium building materials and no shortcuts means your house is of the highest quality building standard you can achieve. This is a big plus come hurricane season. You want your house to last longer than your mortgage!

And when the house is done, we carefully check even the smallest details to ensure there are no flaws before we pass it on to you. All of our houses are structurally secure and no aspect of the construction of your home is left undone.

All of the homes built by Lane Custom Builders are of the highest quality, because that is what we base our reputation on. We did not become one of the most respected construction companies on the Outer Banks through inferior workmanship.

We have always been successful in meeting and exceeding all of our customers’ expectations, and it’s a tradition we plan to keep with your new house.