Home Improvements

Not only can we design and build a custom house for you, we can add on to your existing property to increase its rental and resale values. We will even offer you professional advice based on over 25 years of experience on what additions will benefit YOU best. Some additions are better than others.

Any addition to your existing rental property must put the needs and wants of the renter first and foremost. Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom might be nice, but the typical renter isn’t going to pay more for it. And the rental market is about maximizing your rental potential to make more money.

Some of the Best Additions for Making Money

  • Swimming Pool– Renters can enjoy the water without the noise and chaos of the beach and traffic.
  • Recreation Room– It rains even on the beach, so with a Rec Room, guests have a way to have fun without spending money.
  • Luxury Pool House– A pool house gives people the opportunity to get into shade while remaining outdoors. A big plus for seniors and mothers with infants.
  • Home Theater– Similar to a Rec Room, a home theater lets renters spend time together without having to go to the movies and spend a lot of money
  • Another Bedroom– More room means more people can stay there. That allows bigger events to occur at the property, making it more attractive to large groups.

Higher Resale Value

The other obvious benefit to having any of these additions is the resale value. For instance, an in-ground cement pool on the property costs around $24,000. However, the addition of the pool raises the property value to $50,000 on average. And with the housing market the way it currently is, anything you can do to make your property more attractive to a potential buyer is a bonus.

Lane Custom Homes can help you realize the full monetary value of your house. Any space not being used to its full potential is money you’re not receiving. And with Lane Custom Homes there is a standard of quality in all aspects of our work which you can depend on.

So what are you waiting for? Let us turn your house into a real money maker!